second part of ideas for the design of useful and integral modern kitchens



Ideas for modern and useful modern kitchen design.


In this section of our blog we will talk in more detail about some of the things we mentioned at the beginning of this series of tips.

Kitchen furniture

We will give a series of tips on how to place the kitchen furniture from the perspective of utility.

Visually venting the kitchen in a minimalist style is the primary objective:

  • The removable corner modules; You can also take advantage of any structural element (holes, projections ...) with custom furniture, gaining a sense of spaciousness and comfort.
  • A column with removable shelves allows you to quickly access what we store in each of them.
  • A removable cupboard inserted in the corner of the kitchen takes advantage of the entire background, managing it easily.
  • A large glass window will be ideal to place dishes and ornaments, decorating the environment without the need to constantly clean them.
  • A "cabinet" on the envelope and sink will allow you to have more cups and glasses on hand.
  • Tall drawers take advantage of the space for large accessories.
  • The kitchen furniture can be transformed easily, from changing the pieces, to painting them or applying an imitation vinyl on the surface with excellent results. An example would be the following image:
  • The white color in the closets is a good choice, it combines very well and, in addition, it enlarges the space. The most current designs propose very wide wooden modules, combined with glazed glass, achieving a light and contemporary aesthetic.
  • Equipping the drawers with large interior divisions of plastic or metal will always keep the utensils tidy.
  • The modules for recycling and cleaning are practical next to the sink.
  • If the oven or microwave is placed in a high module, it will be more conveniently accessed.

In the following image you can have more ideas on how to design the space in your kitchen taking advantage of all the spaces and improving your comfort.

Paint and colors of kitchens

Daring to change the color of the wall, will give a radical change with very little money.

An ideal tone that highlights the qualities of space and furniture will be ideal.

The orientation of the kitchen can help determine the convenience of one color or another.

In the case that we have as a reference the location of this to choose the most appropriate tone to use in our kitchen, we can use the following information:

  • North-facing ones require warm and bright colors
  • Those oriented to the South, improve with shades such as white or green.
  • East-facing ones are the best for grays, creams and pastel shades. Those looking west are perfect for cold colors.

But if we want to have a perspective of how our space would look beyond where it is located but more towards a specific color these would be some of the tips,

  • The pink or mauve color are two shades that can combine well with each other creating a soft contrast with white lacquered furniture.
  • Gray kitchens is a color that provides a feeling of visual amplitude and luminosity.
  • The eating area can be differentiated by dressing the wall with a cheerful striped paper, giving a modern air.
  • Universal colors of neutral tones, based on green, brown or yellow combine with any style. Broken white combines cleanliness and clarity.

Details, accessories and accessories

The accessories and small accessories will give the last note to the kitchen, achieving a very personal atmosphere:

  • Candles in different colors combined placed on the shelves, or on the bottom of the table, will give warmth.
  • A vase will give joy if it is decorated with a good bouquet of natural or artificial flowers. It will be ideal for the corner of the countertop.
  • Small fun or designer accessories always give a touch of joy or distinction to a space that is often a meeting point. So take note!
  • A pot with a plant next to the window will give life and color.
  • If it is decided to put covers on the chairs, the fabric can be the same shade as the curtains, to combine matching.
  • When mixing pieces of different colors, they acquire more prominence, but it is reasoned that they are very few.

If you can find the right distribution, custom furniture, chord paint and combined details, you will have managed to find the perfect environment. It is possible to change the design with minimal investment, only an adequate distribution will be necessary.

Sometimes, giving free rein to creativity with simple details or leading pieces can make it easier to enjoy and work more easily in a kitchen.

It should not only be a place to enjoy gastronomy, stoves or cooking , it can also offer a space for meetings, sharing and conversation.

Add meters

In recent years, the kitchen has been a source of ideas in design, gaining ground today and becoming comfortable and manageable. Accessories and practical furniture are sought so that it is easy to cook and can be achieved, on any occasion, to be the best host:

  • To vent with more breadth, it will be necessary to dispense with high cabinets opting for removable modules, display cabinets and shelves, which have more than one function if their interior is well equipped and each time they take on more prominence when choosing their current and practical design.
  • The seating capacity can be occupied by a bank, which will be an alternative to give space; The stools are ideal for not subtracting areas.
  • If, on the contrary, you opt for chairs, you can choose from materials that are easy to wash and with designs that facilitate the passage area.
  • A detail that must be taken into account is the distance of the table with the nearest furniture; to add meters, round tables or folding by design, take advantage of the corners.
  • If the stay permits, an island furniture for the kitchen , with or without a sink, in addition to presenting a work area, can offer several functions: storage area and office area; on the sides, it will be ideal to place large drawers or shelves.
  • The drawers with several trays multiply their capacity adapting to the needs; A good solution is to make the base area profitable by integrating drawers.
  • Columns with removable opening system, placed next to corners, allow you to store tall bottles and containers.
  • The modules with wheels have gained topicality, since they are integrated into any furniture and are easy to handle.
  • An ingenious solution will be to put stainless steel plates on the bottom wall, which can act as a mirror giving a feeling of spaciousness.

Again we hope that this second part of a series of vital tips has been helpful when making your kitchen.

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