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Mistakes you should not make when buying furniture 

The purchase of furniture is not just any purchase. It requires a minimum of analysis to make the right decisions, since otherwise you can make mistakes that you can easily regret. 

So that the same does not happen to you, I must tell you that the advice we share below is very useful, so I recommend you not to miss anything that comes next. 

Do not set a realistic budget 

When you set a budget, you should stick to the greatest possible realism, and that means you should not forget how much you are willing to invest in all the furniture you are going to buy, something that is especially important when it comes to furnishing a place or room, since that it is a lot of money that you have to pay for the furniture that will go to each and every one of the rooms that are part of your home.

 In that sense, we recommend that you have a clear budget and know if you are going to finance part of the purchase or not. In addition, it is good to ensure that you do not have to pay interest for this financing, or that in any case you will pay a formalization fee of the contract that amounts to little money. Be that as it may, distribute the money that you have set in the budget in the most rational and proportional way possible, since if you do not do it you will risk spending a lot of money on some furniture and very little on others, with the risk of finding a Mix of good furniture with poor quality furniture that you won't like at all. 

Take action

It seems very obvious, but in reality it is not so much. That is why we mention in this article that we must take measures so that each and every one of the furniture that is purchased has a place in the place that we have destined. You would not be the first or the second to come home and realize that this beautiful dining room he had bought is too big for his dining room. What to do in those cases? It has a bad solution, so it is better to anticipate such a misfortune by being cautious and taking measurements with the exact centimeters. It costs nothing.  

Compare prices 

Nowadays it is very easy to compare prices, since many manufacturers and sellers have an Internet presence. This is the case of Muebles Murillo, which has a physical presence in Tacacori de Alajuela through its factory, but also has an online presence and allows you to buy a good part of its furniture without leaving home, with a simple click.  

Cheap is expensive 

It doesn't always happen, but it can happen. In general, what is too cheap to be true ends up being a headache. The quality of the cheapest products may be in question and that is why we invite you to look for the best value for money, which is not the same. In Muebles Murillo we are specialists in offering you precisely the best value for money, which is why we do not stop growing in Costa Rica. If you want to check it yourself, the best thing you can do is approach our Factory to see the quality with your own eyes and with your own hands. And you, what other advice would you give to readers of the Murillo Furniture blog so they don't make mistakes like this? Surely they are a great help!