Warranty Policies

Muebles Murillo expresses its confidence in the furniture we sell by offering these specific guarantees, which we recommend you read carefully as breach of the conditions mentioned here may void your warranty.

  • The customer must check the product at the time of purchase and delivery, only claims for warranty application and factory defects are accepted. In case of acquiring a product by mistake (measurements, color, etc.), a credit note can be made, however, NO money refunds are made due to customer error.
  • Selected products with special discounts and / or rebates are ONLY applicable in cash purchase.
  • Discounted products restrictions apply.
  • Claims for products on offer are not accepted.
  • The product purchased will be delivered within the period indicated in the description of each product, or within the time indicated by the seller.
  • Warranty claims only apply with the original invoice.
  • The transport service is NOT included.
  • - The guarantee DOES NOT APPLY on products with special discounts and / or discounts.

In case of applying the guarantee, proceed in the following order:

a) Repair (10 business days)

b) Replacement (48 business hours, subject to availability in inventory)

c) Credit note (in case options a and b do not apply, a credit note will be made which will have a term of 60 days)

The guarantee is valid only by presenting the original invoice and this guarantee certificate. No refunds.

In order to make the guarantee effective you must:

1. Present the purchase invoice in Muebles Murillo

2. The product must be found with all its accessories, clean, with its original packaging, without deterioration (scratches, tears, bumps, stains, etc.).

3. Does not apply to products in liquidation, at discount.

What happens if I lost the purchase invoice?

Presenting the purchase invoice and doing it within the deadline is essential for any return.

Is this policy valid for any item?

Yes, except for items in liquidation or discount, where returns are NOT accepted.

I paid with a card, but I can't go personally, can anyone do it for me?

Yes. The person who comes will receive the refund in cash as long as it has an authorization letter from the person or representative of the name that appears on the purchase order, the purchase invoice and a copy of the ID of the person to whom The invoice is named.

What can I do if the item is too bulky to take to the store?

In this case, you can hire the freight service we offer or the one you like. These costs are borne by you. Muebles Murillo is not responsible for costs after having signed in accordance at the time of receiving the products ...